Selected Repertory 1989-2008

Adams, John Road Movies
Adés, Thomas Darkness Visible
Adler, Samuel Brass Fragments
Third Sonata
Albright, William Daydream
Pit Band
Ambrosini, Claudio Cappriccio: detto l'ermaphrodite
Anderson, Allen Eastern Tributary
Babbitt, Milton Images
None but the Lonely Flute
Soli and Duettini for Violin and Viola
Bártok, Béla Violin Duos
String Quartet No. 4
Berio, Luciano Folk Songs
Duetti per Due Violini
Sequenza for Flute
Biggs, Hayes Northeast Reservation Lines
Bimstein, Phillip Garland Hirschi's Cows
Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa
Birtwistle, H. Clarinet Quintet
An Interrupted Endless Melody
Flute Duos
The Silk House Tattoo
Harrison's Clocks
Bolcom, William A Short Lecture on the Clarinet
Cabaret Songs
Boulez, P. Anthemes
Sonatine for Flute and Piano
Boykan, Martin Echoes of Petrach
Trio No. 3 Rites of Passage
Carter, Elliott Riconoscenza per Geoffredo Petrassi
Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux
Enchanted Preludes
Scrito in Vento
Sonata for Cello and Piano
Night Fantasies
Rhapsodic Musings
Fantasy - Remembering Roger
La Musique
Cage, John Ryoanaji
Sonatas and Interludes
Composed Improvisation for Snare Drum Alone
Chasalow, Eric Over the Edge
Clement, Sheree ...wherewith I strive
Colgrass, Michael Unaccompanied Solo for Snare Drum
Copland, Aaron Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson
Quartet for Piano and Strings
Corigliano, John Fantasy on an Ostinato
Costa, John Incite
Chuaqui, Miguel En Santiago de Nuevo
El Canto Repardito
Crawford, Ruth String Quartet
Cronin, Tania Undercurrents
Crumb, George Madrigals, Bk. II
Sonata for Solo Cello
Vox Balaenae
Dallapiccola, L. Goethe Leider
Davidovsky, Mario Romancero
Synchronisms No. 6
Synchronisms No. 9
Biblical Songs
Duo Capriccioso
Davies, Peter M. Eight Songs for a Mad King
Druckman, Jacob Bo
Dutilleux, Henri Les Citations
Elias, Gerald Coversations with Essie
Feldman, Morton Between Catagories
i met heine on the rue fürstenberg
The King of Denmark
The Viola In My Life
Three Clarinets, Cello and Piano
Fennelly, Brian Hypnotic Song
Ferneyhough, Brian Cassandra's Dream Song
Froom, David Down to a Sunless Sea
Gentry, Christian Romp and Happenstance
Goldstein, Malcolm configurations in darkness
Goldstein, Perry Songs of Never and Again
Harvey, Jonathan Trio
Harbison, John An Unwritten Letter
Songs America Loves to Sing
Harding, Susan Nocturne
Harrison, Lou First Concerto for Flute and Percussion
Canticle Number 1
Varied Trio
Suite for Cello and Harp
Trio for Violin, Viola, and Cello
Concerto for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra
Hulse, Brian Piece for Clarinet and Piano
for Rumi
Hyla, Lee Amnesia Redux
At North Farm
We Speak Etruscan
Ives, Charles The Unanswered Question
Johnson, Mark D. Nocturne
Karchin, Louis Songs of John Keats
Rustic Dances
Kim, Earl Now and Then
Knussen, Oliver Trumpets
Kreiger, Arthur Intimate Exchanges
Uncommon Bonds
Kurtag, György Kafka Fragments
Scenes From a Novel
Lang, David Sweet Air
Ligeti, György Hungarian Rock
Sonata for Cello Solo
Horn Trio
Sonata for Viola Solo
Link, Stan RH
In Ida's Mirror
Lerdahl, Fred Fantasy Etudes
Mache, Francois Phénix
Martino, Donald From the Other Side
Fantasies and Impromptus
Mamlock, Ursula Die Lanterne
Mary, Mario Aarhus
Messiaen, Olivier The Interstellar Call
Le Merle Noir
Bail avec mi
Quartet for the End of Time
Miller, Dennis Clarinetic
Moreau, Roger-Ren l'eau, la nuit, la lune, les toiles
Moss, Lawrence Six Short Pieces for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Murail, Tristan Estuaire
Winter Fragments
Musgrave, Thea Piccolo Play
The Golden Echo
Nobis, Ricklen Dark Harbour
Norgard, Per Sonata
Olofsson, Kent Il Sogno di Tartini
Orfe, John Sonata for Flute and Piano
Penderecki, Krzysztof Minatures
Perle, George Quartet no. 5
Peterson, Wayne Duo
Pinkston, Russell Lizamander
Pärt, Arvo Fratres
Primosch, James Secret Geometry
Quaglia, Bruce Quartetto
Rakowski, David Twofer
Rands, Bernard Into the Receding Mist
Ran, Shulamit Mirage
Riley, Terry In C
Ricks, Steven Dividing Time
Reich, Steve Piano Phase
Different Trains
Music for Pieces of Wood
Eight Lines
Vermont Counterpoint
Clapping Music
Electric Counterpoint
Drumming, part 2
Nagoya Marimbas
New York Counterpoint
Reynolds, Roger Transfigurated Wind IV
imagE/piano (2008)
Ro, Sun Mi Nori
Rochberg, George Serenata d'Estate
Roens, Steven Delicate Arch
Time and Again
Rohde, Kurt Four Remixes
Night Vase
Seeing Things
Rosenzweig, Morris Angels, Emeralds, and the Towers
Dialogue in Three Parts
Box and Cox
Roman Passacaglias
Rzewski, Frederic Ballad No. 5
Les Moutons de Panurge
Saariaho, Kaija Petals
Schnittke, Alfred Hymnus II
Schönberg, Arnold String Trio
Pierrot Lunaire
Verklärte Nacht
The Book of the Hanging Gardens
Shifrin, Seymour In Eius Memorium
Sollberger, Harvey Interrupted Night
Aurelian Echoes
Stockhausen, K. In Freundshaft
Stravinsky, Igor Septet
Anthem, The Dove Descending...
Elegy for JFK
Cat's Cradle Songs
3 Movements from Petroushka
Suite Italian
Three Pieces for String Quartet
Histoire du Soldat
Takemitsu, Toru Hika
Rocking Mirror Daybreak
A Bird came down the Walk
All in Twilight
Taylor, Andrew Seven Microworlds
Thomas, Augusta Read Piano Etudes
Dream Catcher
A Circle Around the Sun
Thome, Diane Brilliant Air/Brilliant Fire (1997)
Tsontakis, George Fervore
Vanhoven, Verda provisation - canal float
Wagemans, Peter The Landscape
Ustvolskaya, Galina Composition No. 1
Webern, Anton Five Pieces for String Quartet
Variations, op. 27
Three Short Pieces for Cello and Piano
Weir, Judith King Harald's Saga
Wolking, Henry Tango Variations
Wolpe, Stefan From Here on Farther
Wuorinen, Charles Epithalimium
Percussio Duo
Flute Variations I
Wyner, Yehudi Works for Piano
On This Most Voluptuous Night
Xenakis, Iannis Psappha
Yao, Sha Drifting About
Z, Pamela Bone Music
Declaratives in the First Person
Pop Titles 'You'
Twenty Answers
Ziporyan, Evan Tristano's
Zorn, John cat o'nine tales